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affiliate marketing

Effective perfomance-based marketing engaging every internet user

Affiliate marketing is a form of performance-based marketing, utilizing advancing information technology. Marketers promote products and services, that belong to separate advertisers, in return for commission.

  • The problem

    Traditional marketing channels, such as print media and TV ads, are becoming outdated due to their costly nature and limited audience targeting capabilities. As a result, the effectiveness is sub-optimal.

  • Solution

    Through online user data, businesses are able to precisely target their potential consumers, at a much lower cost. Affiliate marketing utilizes the growing popularity of such online marketing and targeting.

  • Conception

    In fact, affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing; businesses only pay when results are generated. In this case, businesses reward online marketers for each visitor or customer gained by their own marketing efforts.

Three Parties

Form a successful cycle in affiliate marketing

  • Advertisers

    An advertiser is any business wishing to promote their products or services. It can be a car dealer who owns a physical dealership, or a fitness instructor promoting their intangible service. It can be a large corporation, or a micro-business of just one person. The only criterion for becoming an advertiser is that the person or business is ready to pay for the traffic generated online.

  • Publishers

    A publisher is an individual or company who promotes advertisers' products or services online. To be a successful publisher, one needs to have a pre-established online presence and a wide audience base. For example, a popular blog, a Facebook page with large number of fans, or a website. With the creatives that are offered by advertisers, publishers can promote these offers through various channels such as banner ads, email, contextual ads, and various others. Publishers earn commission on traffic they send in, in the form of leads or conversions generated for advertisers.

  • Consumers

    Consumers are the general population making purchases, either in-store or online. They are the ones who receive the advertising information online. Transactions between advertisers and publishers only occur when consumers see the ads and take an action. An action could be a click on the ads, sign up via a form, or make a purchase. The commission structure that publishers are offered depend on the type of consumer reaction that advertisers request, for example, cost-per thousand impressions (CPM), cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-action (CPA).

The Role of an Affiliate Network

What role do affiliate network play in the ecosystem of affiliate marketing?

  • Intermediaries

    Imagine if advertisers and publishers needed to be looking for their counterparts one-by-one; this would take a huge investment of both time and money required to build up each partnership.

  • Common platform

    Affiliate networks provide a common platform for advertisers and publishers to easily interact with each other. Once signed up, advertisers post offers to the network. From here, publishers are able to choose to promote the offers that relate to their online contents.

  • Quality Management

    An affiliate network is also responsible for managing all participants and ensuring a trustworthy business environment. Affiliate managers assist the transactions between advertisers and publishers. Additionally, they are responsible for screening out fraudulent behaviour.

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Functionality of a Tracking Solution

What does a tracking solution do?

  • Technology base

    Behind every affiliate network is a performance marketing tracking solution acting as the technology base. It is used to host advertisers and publishers' information, and to facilitate the information flow between the two parties.

  • Tracking

    Affiliate networks use this software to track advertiser and publisher activities, manage offers and financial information, and generate analytic reports on data. In addition to affiliate networks, advertisers also find these tracking solutions essential for tracking multiple online-marketing campaigns.

  • Analytics

    With a superior management and analytical power, the tracking solution helps advertisers see a clear picture of all their campaigns, and gain valuable and instant insights into their activities and performance, through data analysis.

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